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What is Google Authority?

What are Google Authority Links?

My first reaction, as may be yours; is that Google Authority, as in what makes a subject matter expert in the eyes of Google or as in what Authority does Google have? I will define the first; what does it take for Google to consider a website as an authority?

Get a Google Webmaster account and you can see if your site has an Authority Listing.

Here are things to consider to get your site a Google Authority listing.

Plenty of Specific Subject Matter Content
Provide linking requirements to your site and include your domain or business name as part of the link pointing to your website.
Use your domain name in anchor text when linking..
Back links from sites that have a high PR, even higher than yours
Links from local directories and sites like the BBB

Merriam Webster defines authority as

2 a: power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior, b: freedom granted by one in authority

synonyms see influence, power

It would appear that definition 2.a; power t influence or command thought, opinion or behavior, is a perfect fit for this purpose.

If we apply this definition to SEO philosophy, as it pertains to Google, then we can see why an Authority Site would also have a really high page rank. You would think a real authority site would have a PR10, but not always so. Type in "dictionary"or "online dictionary" in Google. You should get as #1 and as #2. They both have PR8's. We're not sure what their "real page rank" is, but it must be high.

Let's now exclude from the rest of this discourse PR and stick with what makes a site an authority. As we have called an Authority for the last 20 years, a Subject Matter Expert or SME. Yes, the world had an acronym for it a long while back.

Wikipedia defines an SME as a person who is an expert in a particular area. (Google considers Wiki an Authority.)

Can we apply this to a website? Of course! With sufficient content and back links , Google might consider the site "an authority" on a given subject.

Lots and lots of relevant content will get your that moniker. Original content, content not yours published with the permission of the author, outbound links to other sites that are relevant to the topic, and ultimately many links to your site from others who consider you an authority or reference, themselves being on-topic, will build your Authority to have Google consider you for "Authority-ship ."

Start your One-Way Back Link Campaigns today! Call or eMail us, we have several ways to get you back links. Back links from forums and blogs and back links from websites, without you having to put a "trade me" link on your website, Learn more about link building and look at our plans.

3 Way Linking - Unique One-Way Links to Your Website - the perfect way to add back links to your website to increase your page strength for Google. A natural link building method that requires very little effort on your part.

Just like everything else, there are no guarantee's and so, yes, The Big G may thumb its nose at you and instead not bestow the much sought after title of "Google Authority" on your site. In reality, what is considered the Google Authority listing by many is the #1 spot for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. As in real life I suppose there can be more than one authority on Google.

Is that all there is to it? No, it's not that easy. Or is it? Getting lots of daily traffic either as a result of your quality, natural back links or showing up high in the search results, that builds your reputation too.

The benefits of being anointed a Google Authority are getting the number#1 listing, directly beneath any paid search, and 4 or more links on the pages within the sites who gave you back links will also be there, starting with the most-popular link-to-page.

Now you can see how someone else can benefit by riding the coattails of the authority site. If your website is relevant to any authority site, put a link on your home page or other top tier page to a page (not the most popular one) on the authority site; you get listed too.

These aren't the only things nor are they the sure fire things that will make you a Google Authority. They are the things that you should be doing anyway. Then you'll be an authority before you know it.

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