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Our Vision:

We design and develop your website so that it represent true image of you Company and product/Services being offered to your potential Clients/Customers via Internet and you can easily do online selling of your products . The website will be 100% search Compatible so as to attain high rankings within search engines. Entire structuring of website will be easily manageable using admin Control Panel of website

Visitor Module:

I: Home page designing:

Homepage design: Comprehensive high quality Homepage as per theme of business and Services /Products being offered . Complete Home Page Layout, includes :

Good Quality navigation: The visitor will never loose their way within website if the navigation is of quality and simple. Simple navigation with all necessary links ensure maximum comfort for the visitor and the plain simple navigation pattern ensure that every primary functionality of website is just a click away.

II Products/Services Search And their Presentation :

Search option for visitor (Or browsing products)

. Visitor can browse products by the navigation of category and subcategory wise.
. Visitor can search for the products
. Visitor can search the products from any of the page provided in the header or left of the website.
. Advance search option is provided on the basis of product id, product name, price etc.

Product Presentation :

On clicking the categories subcategories will be displayed.

.Both categories and subcategories will be displayed with images of the products.
.Products will be displayed in paging manner.
.Different type of products and thumbnail of the products are available.
.On clicking upon the products complete description of the product and information will be displayed with details.
.All the products can be viewed in different colors and types in which they are available depending upon the images.
.People Who buy this also buy that facility :-Visitor can also view the list of other Associated products / Related products. This is a Great way to increase sales.

On each product page : There will be Button to ADD to Shopping Cart - Selected items can be added by visitor through this button and a Link for Email to a friend - so that Visitor can easily send a link of any product in catalog of the website to a friend. They just have to enter the friends email address and off it goes.
Visitor can add as many products as he wants to the shopping cart.

III Shopping cart and Member registration:

Shopping Cart:
In shopping cart- A nice shopping bag will be provided. User can check the contents of the shopping bag whenever he is needed and anywhere in the website.
He can delete/edit the quantity when he wants. User can add bunch of items at a time to shopping cart.

Member Registration
Registration is required for the person to purchase the products with the website.
Easy registration: The visitors enter their information once and admin panel will store their information. They never have to register again regardless of how many orders they make.
My folder of Member:
Edit Account: includes editing the personal details except for the login name and password of the customer (such as name, phone, emailed…etc).
Change Password: User can change his password whenever he is in need.
Order History: User can search for any particular order and can see the order details.
Favorites list: Each member can easily build their on list of favorite products. Each product is only one click away from any page in your store. All the products added by the member which are not shopped ,will simply added to the list of Favorites.

Wish List: A member can anytime add a product to his wish list and if that product is out of stock he can leave a message for the admin to notify him whenever the product is in stock.

IV: Order management and invoice generation :
Simple checkout:
Site will maintains complete billing and shipping information for each customer. This means that they only have to enter their credit card information to finalize their order.
This will be 3 step Process :
Step 1: Check the Shopping cart items : Items that a person has purchased, these items can be removed or added or quantity of items can be updated and then can proceed for final check out.
Step 2: Shipping Information collection for delivery of products.

  • Shipping Information of the user will be collected after he clicks check out.  User can choose existing shipping address if he already entered in his profile or can select any of the other billing Address stored by him in the billing and shipping information.

Step 3: Confirm Order:
Billing Information: Total Bill is displayed here by calculating total products price, Tax and shipping price.
Confirm order will be take user to the final step of the order. Order process will be completed after paying by credit card by using any payment gateway.
An Invoice will be generated and a Auto responder mail containing Invoice will be send to  the registered member to their email id, regarding the order placed.
Admin will receive the confirmation of the order and he can check the generated invoice.
Payment Methods: User can pay directly by using Paypal or by using Credit Card/Debit Card or Any Payment Gateway taken by the owner of the site.(integration of the same will be done by us).

Other Section :

1) Other inside pages : This include all kind of informative pages which will be available at website , like About us, Faq, testimonials, terms and condition etc.

2) Newsletter: Newsletter section is very important as you can post your participation in various news, conferences/shows/exhibitions. You can select the members from the Administration Panel who have registered for the newsletter at the website to send the newsletter.

3) Contact Form Page (Inquiry and Feedback section): The Feedback/Inquiries will be provided at the website and the visitors can put in their Feedback/Inquiries at the website The feedback/queries will be received in the Administration Panel and will be replied from there.

4) FAQ: This section will be managed dynamically. The Admin can add/delete the Faq's from the Administration Panel.

5) Refer to Friend: The user can refer the website to a friend by filling in the details.

6) BookMark Us: The user can bookmark the website at the local computer.

7) Visitors contact Details: The admin will be provided a path from where the admin can check the statistics ,i.e., the number of members visited the website and there details. Your homepage would contain a Hit Counter which would gives the stats for the number of page viewed or refreshed.

Admin Module

I. Administer your Website
from any Internet connected PC. The admin panel lets you administer your online catalog from anywhere... even if you are on vacation. All you need is an Internet connected PC or laptop.

II. Change product and sale information easily

  • Product and pricing information is just a few clicks away through an easy to use product administration section.
  • Change product information and description
  • Feature a particular product with a single mouse click
  • Easily place a product on sale any time.

Product Category Management:
In this section, admin will have the full control to manage categories, subcategories of products. 

Product  Management:

Attributes for the products includes the following:
1.       Product name
2.       Product code
3.       Brief description about the product.
4.       Price and discounted price.
5.       Admin can add upto 4 images of a single product.
Admin can disable the product whenever he is in need instead of deleting. Product will not be displayed in the user Interface if the product is in disabled mode.

Manage related products:
Admin will add the products name, image and its description with prices .

Managing registered members

Admin will manage the registered members by gaining access to the following:

Customers Information:

Admin can view the customer’s information/ add anything and delete the customer records. He can check the orders of the particular customer and his total transaction with website. Can also sen email for the same.

Orders management:

➔    Admin can search the reports of orders for example: between two dates, by Order Number, Name, Status, Paid/ Unpaid.
➔    Admin can update the progress of the delivery.


The registeration details will be tracked here and from there mail will be sent to the members .

Other Complimentary Features with the site designing ::

1) Domain Name Registration
2) Webspace activation
3) Email accounts
4) Website Statistics
5) Website Promotion Package

Our Website Promotion Package includes ::

Strategic approach for business promotion is the key to success on Internet. We provide website promotion for our dear clients. Our strong web site promotion company offer great strategy and services to ensures good business inquiries.
No body else can promote your business on the web better than our website promotion and web promotion company. We provide great website promotion service. Our web promotion firm provide easy to use websearch engine promotion service for attaining a good ranking. We have put on a lot of hard work in understanding the working and requisites involved in search engines listings.

We know where you should be listed at search engines and business directories, so you get the best business.

To generate good number of business inquiries, you will get:
External Promotion ::

1) Strategic Business Promotion - Announcing your business at more then 200 international and national search engines and directories related to your business. The list of search engines include Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Dmoz, Google, Hotbot, Excite, Infoseek Webcrawler, Dejanews, Msn, Alltheweb, rediff, India Tmes etc. Our stretagic web promotion include promoting your business at industry specific search engines like,,, etc.

Internal Promotion ::

1) Special Business Promotion at......can get paid membership on any of our portal :-

2) Free lisiting
for one year


1) Interacting with Client to understand the client's business products /services and start searching on keywords and key phrases people are using to find our clients.

2) Benchmark of current standings in all important search engines and directories under agreed upon keywords and keyword phrases.

3) Competitor analysis in search engine rankings on same keywords and keyword phrases as agreed upon.

4) Apart from this we need to make some important changes in your website without disturbing the working of the website which will improve the ranking at search Engines.

5) Content analysis of the website pages for ranking strategy implementation.

6) "Spam" prevention - source code review to identify any html issues that may cause the search engines to drop the site from their listings due to unintentional spamming

8) Announcing your business job international and national search engines and directories related to your business. The list of search engines include Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Dmoz, Google, Hotbot, Excite, Infoseek, Webcrawler, Dejanews, Msn, All the web, etc. etc.

9) FREE Paid membership on both the portals and

10) Constant Checking - Re-submission of the pages that have been dropped

11) Monitoring Search Engines Innovations. Changes, Activities etc. phrases

Tools Used

HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash etc
Server Side Scripting: PHP
Client Side Scripting: Html, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets.
Backend: MySql
Server System: Linux/NT
Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 6.0,7.0 and later, Netscape 7.0 and Later, Opera 6.0 and Later. Firebox 3.0.
Resolution: 800*600 or 1024*768 Pixels
Security: All the Panels will be Password protected.
There should be a online statistics and monitoring of the website on day to day basis.Also there should be a link to Recommend your website to Anyone and also there should be a facility to Bookmark your website and Add to favourites.There should also be a link to link to us and newsletter section so that you can post your participation in various exhibitions/conferences/shows.Last but not least, good promotion with top rankings will ensure that you have received maximum benefits with genuine and authentic enquiries and the basic purpose of website making is fulfilled. Likewise many more improvements are required to give your website a professional touch to meet high levels of web standards.


Advance                                   :  60% of the Total Cost before Initiation of the Project
2rd Payment to be Paid             :  20%, after the completion of the programming
3th Payment to be Paid             :  20%, at the time of the hosting of the site.


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